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Heinz Electrodynamic Design (HEDD)

was founded in Berlin of 2015 by physicist, Klaus Heinz and his son, musicologist, Dr. Fredrik Knop. Heinz developed his passion for sound in the 60’s and eventually opened an audio shop selling speakers and amplifiers.

Throughout the years, he would learn about ElectroStatic Sound (ESS) which led him to meet and study with physicist, Oskar Heil who invented Air Motion Transformer (AMT). Heinz then improved AMT and integrated it into his own speaker designs, allowing it to be used in professional audio products.

“I thought it would be a good idea to adopt the same AMT principle but use it to make a tweeter that could replace a 1“ dome tweeter and still maintain, in my opinion, the superior sound quality.”

Klaus Heinz

His never-ending desire to achieve great sound quality through comparing different speakers created ADAM audio and eventually HEDD audio.

“The HEDDphone brings a new technology and a new sonic signature to the world of high-class headphones. Our background is acoustics and record engineering, the art of mastering, and not to forget, active musicianship.”

– Dr. Fredrik Knop

HEDD sells their signature HEDDphones, studio monitors, subwoofers and tower mains which is now globally used by sound engineers, producers, recording artists and high-end enthusiasts.

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