This year at the Montreal show, FiiO received a lot of support from new and existing customers from Friday, March 22 – Sunday, March 24, 2023, located at Hotel Bonaventure, in the Marketplace downstairs. A lot of people came around to see the highly anticipated R7 which is a Desktop Digital Audio Player and Streamer. They liked that it is powerful enough to drive over-ear headphones, able to connect to speakers, have an Ethernet port and an easy-to-use interface. At the show, we paired the R7 with the HEDDphones or the Audeze LCD-XC which was able to provide an idea what type of headphones the R7 can drive. As the R7 is coming out in April 2023, many are looking forward to purchasing it soon!

We also showcased FiiO’s Desktop Headphone DAC/Amp: K7 and K9 Pro ESS, a couple IEM’s: FH9, FH7s, FD3 Pro, FW5, UTWS5, BTR5 & BTR7, and DAP’s: M17, M11 Plus ESS, and M11s.

We felt that last year at the Montreal show, IEMs didn’t get as much attraction, given everyone still needed to wear face masks. However, this year it felt like it was back to normal! Consumers who wanted more bass in the IEM’s gravitated towards the FH7s more, but those who wanted a more balanced sound enjoyed the FH9’s more. The flexibility of the removable plugs and earpiece’s gave consumer’s options to change how they want their music delivered. Consumers also liked the FiiO blue leather case it comes in as it shows off a bit of luxury.

The BTR series has definitely impressed a lot of existing FiiO Users as well as gaining new customers (given the portability and function)! A lot of people can hear more detail in the BTR7 which they enjoyed if they wanted to use it on the go or as a DAC at home. Although, many do confuse it as a portable DAP because they assume it is like an old Ipod Shuffle Gen. 3 or similar style MP3 players.

Unfortunately, we were not able to showcase the Q11, K9, or M15s for demos, but we will definitely have it at the next show for those interested!

Overall, everyone is excited to see FiiO’s upcoming products and the start of a Hifi Desktop experience including the SP3 – speakers and FT3 – over-ear headphones coming out to pair with the R7!

At the FiiO booth, we also showcased the HEDDphone’s which is a German brand who is known for their speakers. A lot of consumers enjoyed the sound from HEDDphones and even thought it was better than the Audeze LCD-XC. Consumers were also surprised at how much it takes to drive the headphones, but felt it definitely delivered a wonderful sound with the AMT driver. Although, the only complaint was that it was very heavy-duty and bulky to wear on a regular basis.

We also had a room for PS Audio & Kimber Kable in Westmount 6. We showcased the new Pearl White Aspen FR20 speakers, along with the new DirectStream DAC MK2, SACD Transport, BHK Preamp, Power Plant 20, and BHK Mono 300’s. They were on Quadraspire’s and hooked up with Kimber Kable’s. Travis, from PS Audio came back again to assist with any questions or inquiries on existing and new products. Lonny and Shane from Kimber Kable flew in from Utah to support their brand and also assist with those who had questions about cables. A lot of people came by the room to listen to the Aspen FR20’s and thoroughly had a great time!

It’s always exciting to come back to Audiofest each year to see what new and upcoming products there is to showcase from different brands. It gives consumers, dealers, and vendors the opportunity to test and listen to what each brand has to offer. Everyone always has an amazing time and walk away knowing what they want next!

Until the next show ~ Cheers 😊

Toronto Audiofest Oct. 21-23, 2022

The Toronto Audiofest resumed back to the Westin Toronto Airport Hotel where audiophiles were welcomed to listen and see new launch products.

At the FiiO booth, we had a display of products which included: M17, M11 Plus ESS, M11s, K9 Pro ESS, FD3 Pro, FH7, FH7s, FH9, UTWS5, BTR5, and BTR7.

We also had the upcoming launches arriving soon to Canada including the K7 (balanced headphone dac/amp for desktop), Q7 (portable desktop-class amplifier), FW5 (true-wireless bluetooth earbuds), and R7 (Digital Audio Streamer).

A lot of people were interested in seeing the R7 as it is something different than what FiiO normally produces. It will still have the same familiar FiiO signature screen and interface (android base), but with a more powerful body. Release date has not been confirmed yet, but pricing estimate is between $800-$1000 USD.

For the PS Audio Booth, we had Travis, the international sales manager from PS Audio, fly in from Denver to attend the show! He talked about the new BHK 600’s, Directstream MKII DAC, and aspen FR30’s (we had the black pair this time in Toronto versus the white ones in Montreal). You can watch an interview done by Jordan (Mr.Chibs on Youtube), with Travis here!

Another great weekend to show to music lovers, audiophiles, and anyone new to the audio industry that music, brings us all together.

Until next year’s audiofest!

Montreal AudioFest – March 25 to 27, 2022

It was nice being able to attend a show with some normalcy again at the Montreal Audiofest show!

Hotel Bonaventure was once again turned into a place for audiophiles, music lovers, and exhibitors demoing their latest and most popular products.

We featured some new FiiO products including prototypes of BTR7, KA1’s at the show at the FiiO booth in the Marketplace (just located down the escalators to the right). On display was: M17, M11 Plus ESS and AKM, FD5, FD3, UTWS5, FH9, FH7, FH5s, and FH3, and K9 Pro ESS paired with HEDDphones.

Nexus is also the new Canadian distributor for PS Audio. Check out the photos below!

Paul flew in from Boulder, CO to help set-up the Aspen FR30 and truly made it one of the best rooms at the show! Unfortunately, he was only here for one night and many people who follow Paul on his daily blogs or YouTube videos were not able to meet him in person. Many people were still ecstatic to listen to the Aspen FR30, as these are the first pair being shown in the world!

Overall the show was a success for both brands and it was great to be able to see everyone enjoying music and testing out new products in person again.

Until the next AudioFest show at the Westin Toronto Airport Hotel from October 21-23, 2022!